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Firstname Lastname Othername Membership Category Membership No. Date Applied Current Employer Job Position Membership Status
Simon Kwatta Graduate 01105 2018-02-07 Parliament Proc Officer Confirmed
Simon Nabyama Certified Proc. Practitioner 00993 2017-02-08 MoFPED SPO Confirmed
smgjthoy smgjthoy smgjthoy Affiliate 2017-12-06 WqfgMGhtfwZAUhlnDy aadNkAolFBUqcWiZv Confirmed
Solomon Kihumuro Graduate 00985 2017-02-02 NSSF Proc Officer Confirmed
Stanley Ahabwe Bunanukye Certified Proc. Practitioner 00201 2008-11-21 Min of Energy PPO Confirmed
Stanley Ekanya Graduate 00360 2010-11-01 UCC Pakwarch HPDU Confirmed
Stanslus Kabuyaga Certified Proc. Practitioner 2015-10-20 Stanbic Uganda Ltd Proc Specialist Confirmed
Stephen Engwau Student 00191 2008-11-07 UBL Mktg Executive Confirmed
Stephen Batanda Certified Proc. Practitioner 0000-00-00 UNI Movers &Logistics Ltd Business Devt Manager Confirmed
Stephen Muhindo Graduate 0000-00-00 Diocese of Kasese Marketing Manager Confirmed
Stephen Karuhanga Graduate 00174 2009-06-02 MUST Proc Officer Confirmed
Stuart Mutebi Student 00953 2016-10-26 KYU Student Confirmed
Susan Akullo Conny Student 00413 2011-12-12 KYU Student Confirmed
Susan Namutebi Graduate 2016-01-20 UNRA Proc Officer Confirmed
Sylivia Namukwaya Student 01095 2017-12-11 Student Confirmed
Thomas Lemu Affiliate 2024-01-01 Confirmed
Tom Sabiiti Graduate 2015-01-22 Ministry of Energy Proc Assistant Confirmed
Uthaman Segawa Affiliate 2009-01-08 PPDA Director Confirmed
Veronica Namagembe Student 2024-01-01 Student Confirmed
Victoria Nakyobe Graduate 01101 2017-12-18 Turne r$ Townsend Personal Assistant Confirmed

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