Core Values

The system of shared values and norms in an organization shapes the culture of that organization. The Council recognizes that having the right values will result in increased efficiency, higher productivity and better focus. The overriding principles guiding the Institute value definition include the following:

These are a statement Service and or operational attributes. e.g. Good Governance, Team work, environmental protection. The following are the Values adopted by IPPU.

1. Transparency: IPPU advocates for and practices transparency in its internal operations and external dealings.
2. Accountability:
3. Honesty: Avoiding actions or activities that compromise our work
4. Fairness: Commitment to fair treatment of all stakeholders, without discrimination.
5. Ethics: commitment towards upholding professional Ethics in all activities.
6. Integrity: We are committed to demonstrate consistency between what we do and what we say in our professional and personal lives.
7. Professionalism: Commitment to the highest levels of professionalism
8. Team Work: The council will seek to have an organization built on teamwork and high level of discipline.
9. Innovation: Allowing for change in the way things are done
10. Freedom of Expression: Commitment towards Free will and Freedom of expression.
11. Knowledge and information sharing: An institute that promotes knowledge and information sharing.
12. Commitment: Commitment towards the cause of the IPPU from the core stakeholders.