Membership Categories

1.Certified Procurement Practitioner (CPP):

These are members who have a professional procurement qualification e.g. CIPS, NEVI or ISM, with 3 years of working experience after acquisition of the qualification.

2. Graduate Member:

This refers to an individual who has attained academic qualification in the field of procurement and supply chain management. This category includes holders of degree/diplomas in the field of procurement and supply chain management but do not posses professional qualifications.

3.Affiliate Member:

This is the category for individuals who have strong interest in Procurement and Supply chain Management in Uganda and not satisfying the other categories of hereinafter mentioned members. Affiliate members can keep up to date with current thinking and trends and participate to influence IPPU policies.

4.Student Member:

Refers to a member who is registered, undertaking professional/academic studies leading to qualification in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain Management offered by an approved Institute or University.

5.Fellow Member:

Refers to the most senior grade of membership conferred upon an existing member who demonstrates a high level of achievement and at least 10 years of experience in the Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

6.Corporate Membership:

This is designed for Institutes or organizations, which recognize the need for professionalism in Procurement and Supply chain Management. By paying corporate annual fee, these organizations will enjoy a wide range of benefits. Corporate members will be invited to participate in IPPU organized events at corporate discount rates.